It is so hilarious to see that Don Genio posted the image below on his facebook page. How ironic and he is absolutely correct. Even Genio thinks the members of my group are stupid to know the truth about his stealing of the group, seeing this page and every other mention of this henious act, ignoring these facts and still believing that Don Genio is some kind of 'nice guy' getting a bad rap by some disgruntled group member. Those of you who continue to support Don Genio and my stolen facebook group, are ignoring the 'REAL' truth; Don Genio is a liar and a thief. Ralph Russell is running a close second. The 'LIES' being fed to you group members are most likely his defense of owning the group. I wouldn't know since he has blocked me from the group, and kept the group 'closed' so no one can see anything. He wants to keep it that way to 'hide' his true intent.

The day is going to come that you may say something or disagree with Don Genio about something and he will delete your comment, and then block you from the group forever and forever shut you up so you cannot say another word against him. That is also a crime known as depriving you of your constitutional 'freedom of speech'.

I would advise anyone who is still a member of that group to leave it and join the real honest members of the Shay community, the 'ShayOwnersGroup' set up by Bob Bucala. Bob is another member who was shafted by Don Genio when he refused to pay the 'extortion' to Don Genio for selling items in the group. There is another term for that kind of act, and it is also illegal in this country. It is called 'racketeering', and also supposed to be a violation of facebook policy. Facebook has yet to uphold their sacred 'community standards' against Don Genio and Ralph Russell.